Range Charter Platform


Grow and Manage Your Charter Business

Building an online charter business is important for modern bus operators. At Busie, we are helping make that transition seamless and successful.

Drive Online Business

Meet your customers online anytime and anywhere and provide accessibility to your services

Seamless Interaction

Easily interact with your customers and let our platform take on the tedious and manual work

Real-Time Analytics

See your business performance in real-time and leverage accessible data to drive decision making 

Range Platform FAQ

What is the Range Platform?

The Range Platform includes all the essentials for bringing your company’s charter services online, allowing you to set pricing and offer instant online charter booking. This is done through a simple consumer-facing and user-friendly platform that integrates directly into your existing website and aligns with your brand.                  

Why Range?

With Range, you have​ power over your bookings, your pricing, and your relationship with your customer. Leverage your data like never before to identify new opportunities and areas of growth. Range is the software layer connecting you with your customers.                  

Where Can I Sign Up?

Great question! You can request an invite to the platform here​ or drop us a note at ​hello@getbusie.com​.

Why Work With Us?

At Busie we believe in building solutions with operators, not just for them. To do this, our team ensures that operator feedback is included in every stage of our development process. We are dedicated to building smart solutions for Operators and Organizers to facilitate the online booking and management of trips, events, and other services.