4 Essential Elements For Your Charter Sales Strategy

Written by Busie Marketing
June 8, 2022

At Busie, we are optimistic and excited about the future of travel and that of the motorcoach industry. We believe technology will be catalyst for the industry’s growth and position operators for even greater success in this world of modern of travel. Below, we’ve shared 5 initial thoughts on must-haves for your charter sales system to support your charter team.

💻 Online Accessibility

According to a survey by Mastercard and online payments firm WEX, 67% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 70 book their travel online. What does this mean for you? The majority of consumers, young and old, are using their phones, laptops, and tablets to purchase travel online. This trend has been accelerated and is more important than ever. Being accessible to your customers online is and will be a major driver of charter bookings and offering a way for your customers to get quotes and book on their time will set you above the competition. A Google study found that 88% of online customers will switch away from your website if it doesn’t satisfy their needs, so it’s important to provide trip-critical access and information to customers on your website.

📈 Dynamic Pricing To Maximize Revenue

As companies look to grow and improve profit margins, having an easy way to dynamically price trips and tweak pricing on a regular basis based on market changes is essential, especially as the market for fuel and other variable elements for operating your fleet are shifting frequently.

☁️ Cloud-Based (Online) Charter Sales Management

There are new opportunities available for operators as more companies look to provide safe transport to offices and for transporting essential workers. Having one central online system to track those opportunities, spending more time selling and less time on calculating quotes, and other administrative tasks will help your team capture those new opportunities.

Additionally, with companies around the world going remote, having a cloud-based system for charter sales management makes that transition easier and provides your team with the flexibility to do their jobs from anywhere. Systems that support remote work can also expand the talent pool that your sales team can hire from, as you no longer are limited to candidates that can only be in the office.

👩‍💼 Streamlined Sales Process

Many of the biggest companies in travel have been forced to furlough or layoff their employees. The road back won’t be won’t be easy, especially as teams cope with not being able to bring back their full-staff right away. Examine your current sales process and find the existing bottlenecks. Ask yourself:

  • Is our team spending too much time on quoting?
  • Do we lose business due to not responding quickly enough?
  • Do you have the staff in place to support the sales volume your company is receiving?
  • Are we following up with customers as often as we’d like?
  • Do we have the time to do outbound sales?

Having the right system in place that streamlines and helps save time in the quoting and booking process can enable you and your team to do more with less.

About Busie

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